Our Goal

Our immediate goal is the satisfaction of the client.
For it we work every day in the competitive product search, in quality and price. Also in the investigation of innovating raw materials, adapted to the local and world-wide market.
The products that we commercialize fulfill international standards of quality, certified in origin. Regularly we verified with our suppliers the documentation and certifications that therefore guarantee it.
We own qualified warehouse, located in the Ciudad Autonoma of Buenos Aires . This allows us to assure an agile and dynamic delivery system.
We offer to our clients described technical consultant's office, or for applications on new developments.
All the products count on Certificates of Analysis of Origin, Kosher Certification, Security and data Sheets, and the approvals of the corresponding Organisms: National institute of Alimentos (INAL), National Institute of Vitivinicultura (INV), Senasa, etc.
To optimize the service is our daily challenge. "Your Trust and Satisfaction is our reward".
Av. Rivadavia 1367/69 (1033) Capital Federal / Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Tel : (54-11) 4381- 0717/1865/1628 - Fax: (54-11) 4381- 8242